Why do you need After Sales Service for your Genset?

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Why do you need After Sales Service for your Genset?

Just like any other piece of machinery, Diesel generator parts are bound to degrade over time. General wear and tear caused by continuous, or even infrequent, operation will eventually reduce the efficiency of even ISO9001-accredited CPS generators. That’s why we offer a flexible and comprehensive After sales and servicing plan on all of our Bespoke Diesel generators for sale. Learn more about our renowned After sales and servicing contracts, what they entail and how they’ll keep your Diesel generator at the peak efficiency your business needs to prosper!

What is After sales and servicing?

After sales and servicing entails regular maintenance from our CPS team, based on an allotted amount of hours as disclosed in the flexible servicing contract. When you utilise our After sales and servicing solution, we work closely with our dealers and yourself to provide the perfect package for you. All of our After sales and servicing packages include our 24/7 helpline for any maintenance issues you may have, alongside an assortment of contracts for major and minor repairs.

Other services include:

And many more, ranging from the original commissioning of your generator to the end of its lifespan.

Benefits of our After sales and servicing

CPS is an ISO9001 accredited company. This standard doesn’t just govern the quality of our UK-manufactured Diesel generators; It demands our best in all aspects of our work. This includes our After sales and servicing.

Our After sales and servicing at CPS is efficient, affordable, and thoroughly planned. These virtues ensure you’re getting the exact service you need in the way that works best for your business. All of the parts we offer as part of our After sales and servicing are 100% genuine. Like the parts in our bespoke Diesel generators, these replacement parts come from leading manufacturers such as Perkins and Deutz.

CPS After sales and servicing is the Diesel generator repair service of choice for countless businesses across the UK and beyond. With tailored packages available for any size kW or kva available now, alongside full-service documentation, don’t miss out on our after sales services today.

We hope this guide has shown you the purpose and benefits of our flexible After sales and servicing contracts here at CPS. Learn more about our comprehensive After sales and servicing contracts in our other in-depth blogs on the topic, or view the After sales and servicing page to enquire on our 24/7 helpline regarding the subject.

Our After sales and servicing contracts at CPS will revolutionise how your business interacts with your Diesel generator. Whether you go through our appointed CPS dealers or directly via our team, you cannot beat our After sales and servicing on quality. So begin your servicing journey today or inquire about our services when you purchase your Bespoke Diesel generator for sale from Constant Power Solutions.

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