Why We Are Attending Middle East Energy 2021

CPS at Middle East Energy 2021
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Why We Are Attending Middle East Energy 2021

CPS will officially be partaking in Middle East Energy 2021! This event, as discussed in our last article, is a landmark event in the calendar for the Diesel generator Industry. Our attendance for this year’s online event has countless potential benefits for you as a customer, as well as ourselves. We are truly excited to tell you all about our attendance this year, so continue reading to learn all about MEE 2021 and our involvement as CPS!

Benefits of MEE 2021:

Our attendance at MEE 2021 could have numerous benefits for your business. Our CPS team is continually looking forward in order to provide the best service and finest UK-manufactured Diesel generators for your business. Potential benefits include:

New Power Solution Options:

With Top Diesel generator parts manufacturers such as Cummins hosting pitch events and webinars, our attendance at this year’s Middle East Energy ensures we get the first look at the latest technologies and developments in the industry. We’ll make sure to keep you updated with the latest tech that might soon be available on our site.

New Business Relations:

Middle East Energy is all about allowing the finest minds in the industry to connect, network and collaborate. As aforementioned, top Diesel generator brands like Perkins will be in attendance, alongside some not already available as a part of our bespoke Diesel generator service. Using an AI algorithm, MEE 2021 will ensure we find the right people to create exciting new opportunities across the board

Solidifies our Position:

CPS aims to ensure the phrase “CPS UK-manufactured Diesel generator” is something you can use with pride. Since 2013, we’ve quickly become well known in the industry for our ISO9001-accredited quality and boundless innovation. With our attendance to MEE 2021 confirmed, we make it clear to competitors on our end and on yours that CPS is a name that’s not going away. We cement ourselves as a leading power solution brand our customers can trust.

New knowledge for the CPS Team:

Our team of Diesel generator experts has extensive knowledge on practically every aspect of the industry. As our industry continues to grow, however, we make sure to keep doing our homework. The knowledge one can gain from MEE 2021 is not to be understated. This knowledge is sure to guarantee you receive the same high-quality service at every step of your Diesel generator’s lifespan as you’ve come to expect when you trust CPS.


We hope this piece of news and the countless benefits it is sure to bring to your business when you trust CPS has you as excited as we are! Middle East Energy 2021 is shaping up to be a truly exciting event and we’ll keep you updated on all the interesting developments when the time comes. If you’re looking to capitalise on MEE 2021, read our prior article for more info on the event. If you’re looking to capitalise on a trusted Diesel generator manufacturer who is attending MEE 2021, contact us or browse our site today.

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