Why We Use Deep Sea Electronics Modules

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Why We Use Deep Sea Electronics Modules

If you’re an avid reader of our CPS Projects page, you may see one name come up quite often. DSE8610. This synchronisation panel is featured in a variety of our projects, including our most recent project for Teledata UK. Whilst many of the parts of our Diesel generators change, you’ll often find this very module attached to the bespoke Diesel generators we produce at CPS. Learn more about the DSE8610, Synchronisation, and Deep Sea Electronics themselves in this article.

What is DSE8610?

The DSE8610 is a control module provided by Deep Sea Electronics. The DSE8610 Control module is jam-packed with a vast array of modern features that make it truly best-in-class for most Diesel generator use cases. Its primary purpose is to enable the synchronising & Load sharing of Diesel generators.

What is Synchronising & Load Sharing of Diesel generators?

When providing high kVA or backup Diesel power – you typically need more than one Diesel generator. In a high kVA scenario, multiple generators may need to provide equal power to create a higher overall kVA. In a backup scenario, you may need multiple generators running in case one fails. A Synchronising / Load Sharing module like the DSE8610 can connect up to 32 Diesel generators and carefully share the power load. This is so that each one runs in parallel. This involves correcting minor fluctuations, meaning the DSE8610 load sharing module has to be incredibly precise in order to run Diesel generators in parallel.

This is why we trust Deep Sea Electronics.

Who Are Deep Sea Electronics?

Deep Sea Electronics are the manufacturer of the DSE8610, alongside a vast range of quality control panels. Deep Sea Electronics began in 1975, and entered the Generator Control module industry in 1979. Now based in North Yorkshire, they continue to supply top-quality Diesel generator Control Modules to countless manufacturers across the UK and worldwide. Our team of experts at CPS have countless years of experience working with Deep Sea Electronics Control Modules, ensuring installation and troubleshooting are a breeze.

Why did We use the DSE8610 on the Teledata UK project?

Recently we provided 3x AP771S Diesel generators to Teledata UK because they required a backup power system for their datacentre. With the DSE8601 system, generator 1 and 2 can be turned on one by one as power consumption increases and they move from their UPS power supply to their CPS Diesel generators. The 3rd generator acts as a redundancy, brought in by the DSE8610 when Diesel generators 1 and/or 2 are down or being serviced. This system, combined with a Water Jacket Heater for quick startup, ensures each generator can be called upon. This provides continuous backup power at a moments notice.

We hope this guide has given you greater insight into our Bespoke Diesel generators and the projects we manage. For more information on our projects, browse our project range today. If you’re interested our top-quality Diesel power solutions with a DSE8610 control module, contact us today!

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